Commission Status

[ sketch ] – 20USD (bust) – 25USD (waist)

[ flat ] – 35USD (bust) – 45USD (waist) – 55USD (full)


[ color sketch ] – 35USD (bust) – 50USD (waist)

[ paint ] – 60USD (bust) – 80USD (waist) – 100USD (full)


  • Okay with most subject matter (nsfw/gore) and will let you know about my comfort levels. Fanart/OCs is fine.
  • Paypal invoices only!
  • Payment is required upfront unless you’re waitlisted (willing to discuss multiple payments on pieces over 100$)
  • I typically send 1-2 WIPs for feedback (except for really simple pieces) and will do 2 revisions.
  • Additional characters add an additional half of the base cost of the commission. For example, a bust sketch of two characters would be 30$.
  • All images include simple backgrounds (gradients, particles, etc.) For more involved backgrounds, including landscapes and interiors, the price increases depending on complexity (5USD+)
  • Character designs with a written description cost an additional 10$ (may cost more depending on complexity)~ I’ll provide a few quick colored sketches. Gijnkas/alt outfits don’t cost extra.
  • Feel free to print your commission out for personal use, just don’t resell it 8)

To place an order, please fill out my form!


Your Name:

Paypal Email: (so I can invoice you!)

Commission Type: (indicate style and bust/waist/full)

Character Name + References: (visual references strongly preferred but I don’t mind doing a bit of designing for a fee)

Personality + Description: (optional, just helps get me closer to what you want)

Additional Info: (anything else ya need me to know)

Please send this form filled out with the subject “MEW COMMISSION” to

I’ll confirm your commission within the week and send you an invoice for the required amount, then start working once I get paid.